visual communication, via pixels, paper, or textiles

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We build websites

Need a new website? Whether it’s a simple informational site, or a fully interactive e-commerce catalog, we can create it for you. All our sites are built on a modern, extensible platform with full security and ongoing updates. Your new site can include:

  • Original site design
  • Interactivity and animations
  • Catalogs with drill-down information for each item
  • Simple contact forms, or complex query forms
  • Client-updatable calendars and blog features
  • Optional instruction modules with quizzes and individual achievement paths

We host websites, too

We’re happy to build on your chosen hosting platform, but if you want everything in one place, we offer hosting plans including:

  • Optional domain name administration
  • Email
  • Site backups
  • Spam protection and technical assistance

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Custom images for screen or print

We specialize in vector-based images, which can be scaled to any size and never get pixellated. Whether it’s an icon or a billboard, we can communicate your message clearly and cleanly.

  • Spot illustrations and icons
  • Images for posters and wearables
  • Instructional images for educational content
  • Maps, diagrams and plans
  • Detailed technical drawings that work as line art


Sometimes you just need to put it on paper

Having been in the business for decades, we go back to the time before the web. So when you need to go old school, we know how to do it. Whether it’s small, simple stuff like business cards, or big point-of-sale or complex catalogs, we’ve done it before.

  • Corporate ID and stationery
  • Print ads and publications
  • Point-of-sale and collateral
  • Brochures and booklets

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